High profile joint research & training network that will improve career prospects in academia & private sector

Key words: Seed priming, Arabidopsis, Oilseed rape, Epigenetics, Epigenomics, Biostimulants, Abiotic stress, Climate change

11 PhD positions abroad in: Spain, Germany, Ireland, France, Netherlands, and Switzerland


EpiSeedLink’s mission is to train 11 predoctoral researchers in epigenetic regulation of seed priming mechanisms, and to translate scientific knowledge and skills into innovation and applications.

Crop performance is threatened by climate change and hence EpiSeedLink focuses on training a new generation of scientists with a broad range of scientific and transferable (e.g. communication and entrepreneurship) skills to tackle main agricultural challenges, and to enhance their career perspectives in both academic and non-academic environments.

Through its Doctoral training programme, the network will provide international, multidisciplinary, and inter-sectorial training in experimental and computational biology, and will generate an in depth understanding of the molecular mechanisms underlying ‘epigenome priming’ at the genetic and molecular level.

The programme combines the unique know-how of academic experts and seed companies in seed biology, crop breeding, epigenetics, biochemistry and biostimulants to synergise research and knowledge transfer between a model plant (Arabidopsis) and the premium crop oilseed rape.

EpiSeedLink will hence not only contribute to excellent research, but also address urgent societal and agricultural needs, contributing to the development of a sustainable bioeconomy and meeting climate targets.

Each position includes the following:

High profile training programme

Interdisciplinary research training

Academic and industry training

International network

Collaborative projects

Soft skills important for future career

Sufficient resources to attend conferences

Funds to support PhD students on secondments

Well-structured supervision arrangements

General contact information


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