Individual Research Project 6. RNA polymerase II transcriptional elongation at changing conditions in the group of Prof Klaus Grasser at the Biochemistry Center, University of Regensburg in the Department of Cell Biology and Plant Biochemistry, Regensburg, Germany.

It is a project to address the role of RNA polymerase II (RNAPII) transcriptional elongation on plant responses to environmental conditions and seed priming with emphasis on seed dormancy/germination and seedling establishment. Focus will be on so-called transcript elongation factors (TEFs) that comprise histone chaperones, modulators of histone modifications and regulators of RNAPII activity. Currently, it is unknown to which extent the association of TEFs with elongating RNAPII is affected by altered ambient conditions, possibly resulting in distinct versions of the active RNAPII elongation complex. This may result in modified genomic distribution of RNAPII/TEFs and changed chromatin accessibility, ultimately entailing adjusted gene transcription patterns.

Active collaboration with partners at CSIC-CNB (Madrid, Spain), DSV (Aseldorf, Germany), and CSIC-IBMCP (Valencia, Spain) to get not only specific training in molecular approaches but also intellectual input that will be valuable to the progress of the project

UREG-Host Institution

The University of Regensburg (UREG) have enrolled more than 20,000 students. It is a modern university campus comprising 12 faculties. The city of Regensburg is located in Bavaria in the south-east of Germany approximately 100 km from Munich in an attractive environment. Our lab belongs to the Department of Cell Biology & Plant Biochemistry as well as to the Regensburg Center for Biochemistry. Here, a stimulating atmosphere for research is offered as well as advanced facilities for protein analyses, imaging and systems biology. The Regensburg International Graduate School of Life Sciences (RIGeL) offers a well-structured PhD program and additional benefits.

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