The EpiSeedLink project aims to contribute to research excellence in Europe by providing a custom developed, outstanding training programme that will exploit the multidisciplinary skills of our network.

Objectives of the training programme

The high profile EpiSeedLink programme trains the appointed fellows to become:

  • Expert in his/her research discipline
  • Familiar in other research disciplines, including cutting-edge technologies
  • Skilled in presenting orally and in writing
  • Experienced in communicating with other scientists and engaging with the general public
  • Experienced in managing a scientific project
  • Capable of interacting with academic and non-academic sectors
  • Knowledgeable to commercially exploit results

To meet the challenges of the changing climate, excellent and creative scientists are required, skilled in high-end technologies, who have a broad expertise and are able to translate scientific knowledge into innovation. EpiSeedLink will offer an international, multidisciplinary, inter-sectorial, and custom-developed training programme that promotes scientific excellence and exploits the expertise and infrastructure present in the consortium.

The training programme consists of:

Local individual training

Network-wide training in research and transferable skills

Internships at full and associated EpiSeedLink partners from the academic and non-academic sectors

Local individual training

Fellows will conduct most of their research project at their home institutions and will benefit from local training facilities, including:

  • Close mentoring by their supervisor
  • Access to expertise in local research groups
  • Active participation in group meetings, company meetings, and/or institutional seminars
  • Access to courses provided by local and/or national graduate schools
  • When possible, fellows will be involved in supervision of BSc or MSc students

Network-wide training in research and transferable skills

Fellows will participate in mandatory network-wide training activities designed for the whole EpiSeedLink community. These activities will take place in 5 different countries:

  • Workshops and scientific meetings
  • Courses on advanced research skills (e.g. plant breeding, ChIP-seq, bioinformatics, next-generation sequencing, scientific writing)
  • Courses on transferable skills (e.g. project management, communication skills, public engagement, unconscious bias, entrepreneurship, intellectual property)

Internships at partners from the public and private sector

The fellows will perform internships (secondments) at (non-)academic EpiSeedLink partner institutions, providing them with a multidisciplinary and inter-sectorial training. Secondments are often planned in the context of joint research projects. During secondments, fellows will be:

  • exposed to international and inter-sectorial research environments,
  • trained in methods and techniques required for their projects, and...
  • performing initial experiments applying those methods.

The secondments form a network of reciprocal visits among and between academic and non-academic partners to reinforce synergies among partners and fellows.

Our training courses

Lectures and training courses from the EpiSeedLink program are available

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Our research program

Each fellow will be involved in tasks related to all three research work packages.

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