From seed to seedling:

Epigenetic mechanisms of priming to design strategies for crop improvement

Marie Skłodowska-Curie Doctoral Network

High profile joint research & training network that will improve career prospects in academia & private sector

Global food at risk

Plant seeds provide >70% of the world’s caloric intake. However, climate change threats, such as drought and heat stress are endangering crop performance.

Need for improvement

We need to get an in depth understanding of the epigenetic molecular mechanisms underlying seed priming to sustainably improve crop yield under stress conditions.

Our solution

In the EU funded MSCA EpiSeedLink doctoral network, we aim to dissect genetic and epigenetic processes involved in seed vigour and seed germination to identify epigenetically controlled seed vigour traits relevant to agroeconomics.

Oilseed Rape

Epigenetic Research

Training the new generation of plant scientists

We will provide an international, multidisciplinary, and intersectoral training to 11 research fellows.

Through our excellent research and training programme, in EpiSeedLink, we will significantly enhance the career perspective and employability of the fellows in the academic and non-academic sectors.

Epigenome Priming

The unique know-how of academic experts and seed companies

The programme combines seed biology, crop breeding, epigenetics, biochemistry, and biostimulants to synergise research and knowledge transfer between a model plant (Arabidopsis thaliana) and the premium crop oilseed rape (Brassica napus).

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Work Packages

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Network: Hosting institutions, Supervisors, Early Researchers, and Associated Partners.

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Exploiting synergies between industry and academia

The EpiSeedLink consortium comprises 9 leading research teams across Europe and two industrial stakeholders.