It’s time to meet our selected EpiSeedLink PhD Fellows

As our EpiSeedlink program is now in full swing, the past few months has been a period of settling-in for our eleven doctoral fellows. Through hundreds of applicants, the EpiSeedLink Supervisory Board selected eleven top candidates to join the program. The doctoral fellows come from all over the world, and represent diverse nationalities, cultures, and origins.

 A representation of where each of the eleven PhD fellows are from.

As the fellows find their home-away-from-home at their affiliated research institutes scattered across the European Union, their secondments to each other’s host institutes will allow them to not only spend time with one another but for them to learn from each other and form a sense of community, despite being so far from home.

For a brief introduction to each of our fellows, click here. If you would like to know more about where each of our fellows will be based, click here. Every step of the way, our fellows will be under the EpiSeedlink Supervisory board’s guidance, which can be found here.

  Text by Shannon Skye Derman, Ph Student EpiSeedLink Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions