8th of March, International Women`s Day

EpiSeedLink´s members wish you a happy International Women´s Day




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Interesting Workshop organized by our Supervisors¡

Some of our Supervisors are organizing two interesting Workshops:

1.- The European Workshop on Plant Chromatin 2024.  

Dr. Sara Farrona from the University of Galway (Ireland) and Dr. Javier Gallego-Bartolomé from the Instituto de Biologia Molecular y Celular de Plantas_IBMCP (Valencia, Spain) are involved in the organization of this Workshop with plenty of opportunities to show your work. It will be held at Casa de Convalescència, a beautiful 19th-century building part of the Sant Pau Hospital Art Nouveau complex, in Barcelona on May 22th-24th.

Only a few days left to apply! Submit your abstract for #EWPC2024.

Deadline: 8th March. Join us in Barcelona for three days of exciting discussions about epigenetics and chromatin regulation in plants 

All the information on European Workshop on Plant Chromatin 2024 – EWPC2024 (uab.cat)

2.- EPIPLANT/ Society for Experimental Biology. Joint Conference

Dr. ALine Probst from the University of Clermont_Auvergne (Clermont Ferrand, France) is organizing with her colleagues a conference which will be held in Clermont Ferrand on July, 12th-14th. You will be able to share your work and discuss it with experts in the matter.

EPIPLANT/SEB 2024 is a joint meeting of the CNRS Groupement de Recherche (GDR) EPIPLANT and the Society For Experimental Biology.

Deadline: 30th April.  Join us in Clermont-Ferrand for other three days of exciting discussions about plant epigenetics, chromatin dynamics, environmental responses and transgenerational inheritance

All the information on EpiPlant/SEB2024


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March EpiSeedLink Agenda

EpiSeedLInk´s team will be in Paris in March 2024. We will celebrate our I Annual Meeting, and also around this meeting the fellows will continue learning, performing several training courses.

All these activities will be held at the Hotel La Villa Modigliani in Paris from the 8th until the 20th of March.



  • Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)

Fellows will be trained in data protection (informed consent, data storage, Data Management Plan), intellectual property (IP); protection modalities, IPR management plans, exploitation of results), consortium agreements, confidentiality, publications, responsibility, and jurisdiction, and will be introduced to the value of IP, and how to develop IP strategies with an emphasis on plant breeders’ rights and plant varieties. The training is a mix of theoretical classes, which will be online, and practical exercises, which will be face-to-face in Paris. The trainers are Amaya Mallea, José Luis Erdozain, and Isabel Marco from PONS.

  • Presentation training course

This is an intensive, hands-on training course on how to give an Audience-focused Presentation in English to colleagues in the field. Afterwards, the Fellows can deliver their research clearly, in a confident and compelling manner. The trainers are Märiel Vaartjes and Karin Herrenbout from Moile Moile. 

  • Scientific Writing.

Through discussions, exercises, homework, and detailed feedback, the Fellows will learn the principles of scientific writing and how to write an audience-targeted text. The Fellows will be equipped with writing tools as well as a road map to help them write their next scientific article efficiently. The trainer is Dr Brian Cusack from Scientific Craft. 

  • Public engagement (PE).

To create awareness among the general public of the value of scientific research, Cell EXPLORERS (CE, www.cellexplorers.com; UoG) will train Fellows in PE. The training includes previous online theoretical and hands-on sessions on general aspects and different formats of PE in science including online practical sessions with children. But now, in Paris, the Fellows will be trained to create educational material for children’s activities delivered to schools/groups. Specifically, Fellows will together prepare materials (e.g. background information, instructions, practical materials) to create a Seed Germination Kit to engage young people in plant science.


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