EpiSeedLink resumes the training courses in February.

Episeedlink´s fellows will learn about Video development for Public engagement.

Sara Farrona, one of our EpiSeedLink Supervisors,  and Niall Flaherty, one expert in the field, both from the University of Galway have been working on preparation for the training.

The training will include the lecture ” The History of Life Project” by John Murray, a guest speaker.

Videos are versatile tools for learning and teaching and are key for public engagement tools.

This course will teach how to create novel Public Engagement material in the form of moving images to trigger fascination about plants and agricultural sciences.

Through theoretical and practical sessions, the Fellows will be trained in storyboard creation and video recording.

Finally, in teams, they will produce 4 public engagement videos that will be shown in our Annual Meeting, and used for public engagement activities.