It is time to meet the Supervisors of EpiSeedLink and the Hosting institutions where they are based in.

EpiSeedLink is composed of 14 skilled and internationally recognized leaders and 11 host institutions around Europe, including both the academic and the industrial sectors.

Here is a representation of the supervisors and their institutions.

The EpiSeedLink Supervisors are a distinguished group of well-renowned researchers hailing from various academic and industrial institutions across Europe. Their collective academic achievements and extensive experience make them prominent figures in the fields of science. They are engaged in a diverse range of research and activities encompassing Epigenetics, Genetics, Plant Physiology, Cell Biology, Molecular Biology, Seed Priming, and, which reflects their ability to bridge gaps between these interconnected disciplines and foster collaborations that drive scientific progress.


Individually, each supervisor boasts an impressive track record of contributions to scientific knowledge and innovation within their respective domains. With a wealth of academic merits, they have not only made significant advancements in their fields but have also demonstrated an exceptional ability to convey complex concepts effectively to students at various levels.

One of the remarkable strengths of the EpiSeedLink Supervisors lies in their extensive experience in guiding and mentoring students through their academic journeys. They have a proven track record of supervising Bachelor’s, Master’s, and PhD students, facilitating their growth and development as emerging researchers. Over the years, they have collectively guided more than 90 PhD students to successful graduations, nurturing the next generation of scientists with their mentorship and insights.


Moreover, their commitment to academic excellence extends beyond PhD supervision. The EpiSeedLink Supervisors have also overseen the progression of nearly 100 postdoctoral fellows, providing guidance and mentorship to early-career researchers as they navigate the challenges of their chosen fields.


For more information about each of our supervisors, click here. If you would like to know more about where each of our supervisors are based, click here. Every step of the way, our supervisors will ensure to provide adequate supervision to each of the EpiSeedLink Fellows, whose project descriptions can be found here.