• Brassica napus is a crop species of economic importance. It is cultivated worldwide as oil and livestock crops.
  • It belongs to the genus Brassica, tribe Brassiceae of the family Brassicaceae.
  • The genus Brassica includes many important crops. Among them, relationship of six species formed the model of U’s triangle, with three basic diploid species B. rapa (A genome, n = 10), B. oleracea (C genome, n = 9) and B. nigra (B genome, n = 8) gave rise to three amphidiploid species B. napus (AC genome, n = 19), B. juncea (AB genome, n = 18) and B. carinata (BC genome, n = 17).




Text by Shreyas Padmanabha Sharma Beedubail, PhD Student EpiSeedLink Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions